Session Work

Professional piano and keyboard online recording services by proffessional session keyboardist Judson Hurd. Online Piano and Keyboard Tracks provide keyboard overdubs for musicians, songwriters. recording artists, and producers worldwide!

Specializing in piano, organ, electric piano, strings, and synth overdubs. From Master recordings and demo tapes, renown session player Judson Hurd will add the keyboards you are wanting to enhance your recording project. This page offers information on keyboard overdubs. 

1. E-mail me (Judson Hurd) at: to discuss your recording project and get an overdub estimate.
2. Send me your reference mix(s) as a WAV file via WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc...
3. I will overdub your desired keyboard instrument(s) to your song.
4. You will receive an MP3 overdub of the project to make sure 
5. When overdub is complete, I will send you download links for the keyboard tracks (WAV files) to download and use in your final mix.

Package rates and discounts available for multiple song projects.

Keep creating music! 

Here are some samples! 

Hammond Organ on Carnival by Aren Blake 

Hammond Organ on You Reign on High by the Jon Lloyd Band 

Acoustic Piano for Packet Loss by Love is Sodium