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  • New Review: Carpe Noctem by Peter Calandra

      Carpe Noctem


    Peter Calandra

    Reviewed by Judson Hurd


           Carpe Noctem is a wonderful album by composer Peter Calandra and it is his eighth album to date. The feeling I got from this album is sacred religious music with ambient pads, choirs, and other instruments. I did some research and found that the artist did all the instruments and I was really impressed. Peter is an accomplished composer with over 70 film soundtracks to date and he has been nominated for some major awards. I am a huge fan of religious sacred music and this album is probably one of my favorites that I have come acrossed this year. 
           The album begins with Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) and is a gentle and light piece for choir and orchestra. It reminded me of the warm music of Joe Hisaishi's "Spirited Away" which is an animated Japanese film that I highly recommend. I listened to this piece a few times to catch the sublte nuances of the instruments. The next piece Carpe Noctem (Seize the Night) starts with light strings and then choir joins to complement the string soundscapes. I love how Peter lightly brings in melody to create a sacred and peaceful vibe.
            "Aurora Scandere (Dawn Rising)" begins with light strings and the scene that came to mind was a battle scene that is about that happen. The song builds up and percussion is introduced. The piece does well and is a great mix in the diverse group of songs. "Crucifixus (Crucfixion)" beings with choir and is very somber and sacred. A haunting trumpet solo comes in that brings a haunted melody. Highly recommend! 
              "Spiritus Mundi (World Spirit)" is probably my favorite piece on the album. To be honest I'm usually drawn to music with a minor and sad vibe but the use of layers and sounds really makes this song uplifting and honestly one of my new favorites. The use of strings in a choral style progression gave me an uplifting feeling and hope. 
              I highly recommend this album if you are looking for music to contemplate, meditate, pray, or just beautiful music to exist to. Very beautiful! Get it on iTunes or Amazon today!