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  • New Review of Sempre by Ian Maksin


                   Ian Maksin is a wonderful cellist who was born in St. Petersburg, Russia where he began playing the cello at the age of 6. He later continued his studies at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. His music has a variety of styles that include jazz, blues, Latin, Balkan, classical, and Middle Eastern Music. As a teenager, Ian was also a fan of the guitar which shaped the way he played cello and viewed it has a vehicle for healing.

              The album starts with “Sempre” with light muted strings playing a sad and nostalgic progression. The cello comes in playing a minor, soft melody to being the first theme. It repeats again an octave higher to reinstate the theme and add variation! This is a very beautiful piece that is very simple melody that continues with a trade off of counterpoint between the plucks and cello melody. Highly recommend!
              The next track is “Blues au jardin du Luxembourg” which I really enjoyed! The progression is a gentle but moving waltz with light jazz chords. The song puts me in a place of imagining being in a dream of dancing in a moonlit garden in the city.
              My favorite is the seventh track on the album entitled “Per me, Per te…”, which has a common chord progression used in pop music but Ian makes it his own with expressive and longing melody that begins simply but then expands into an epic theme. I looked up the song on YouTube and found the official music video which is wonderful as well!
                “Sunset Cascade” starts with some Middle Eastern percussion and then the cello comes in solo. Once it plays the first theme it’s looped with another cello coming in to play a different theme. The harmony and loop is simple but it really works bringing emotion and imagining a beautiful sunset.
                  The last track “Brand New Page” begins with percussion as well and reminds me of the music of Coldplay. I love how Ian creates simple but intricate loops and then plays beautiful and memorable melodies over them.
                  This is my first time hearing the music of Ian Maksin but I highly enjoyed this full record! I will be checking out his other music and listening to this record again to hear things that I may have missed!

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